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Inspiration, Aleali May.


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So I saw this advice


Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

I kind of like it.

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I think that sometimes people use love as a crutch. They lean on it when they can’t measure up in other ways, and while love is beautiful it is not to be used as an enabler for bad behavior. That’s what makes it so puzzling. Because as people, we often fall in love with…

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Love taught me to grow up. In many areas, because I’m mostly made of the stuff of Peter Pan. I’m fickle at heart, I’m rushing, moving water in essence. Hard to contain without slipping through fingers. But it’s taught me transparency - the kind that is crystal about who I am and am not, what I…

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Now can we fall in love while Southernplayalistic banging through the night…?

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"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete."

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